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Automatic detection and demonstrator generation for information flow leaks in object-oriented programs

Quoc Huy Do, Richard Bubel, and Reiner Hähnle

We present a method to generate automatically exploits for information flow leaks in object-oriented programs. The goal, similar to white-box test generation, is to automatically produce executable, reusable test cases that challenge a given information flow policy with a very high degree of guaranteed coverage. Our approach combines self-composition and symbolic execution to create an insecurity formula for a given program and information flow policy. Satisfiability of this formula signifies the presence of information leaks and permits to use model generation for creating exploits. We support different kinds of information flow policies like noninterference, delimited information release, and information erasure. A prototypic tool implementation for Java programs of our approach is available. It generates exploits in the form of self-contained, executable JUnit tests. We evaluate our method and tool based on a set of micro-benchmarks and a case-study on e-voting.