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What's in a name? --- First Steps Towards a Structural Approach to Integrating Large Content-based Knowledge-Bases

Ralf Küsters

We address the problem of integrating two content-based knowledge bases. It is well known that even the same slice of reality can be modeled in various ways. This ranges from single morphological variants of identifiers to reification of relationships. Hence, human intervention is required in order to set up some kind of correspondence mapping between the knowledge bases. However, modern real-life ontologies, such as the Galen medical ontology, are so large that it seems not feasible for humans to perform this task without computer aid. We therefore aim at exploiting the structural information to help find candidate equivalent concepts from one ontology to the other. To this end, we have set up a formal framework for correspondence mappings and have investigated limitations of structural information to find such mappings. Finally, first algorithmic and empirical results have been presented.