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Matching in Description Logics with Existential Restrictions (BibTeX)

  author      = {F. Baader and R. K{\"u}sters},
  title       = {Matching in Description Logics with Existential Restrictions},
  institution = {LuFg Theoretical Computer Science, RWTH Aachen},
  year        = 1999,
  type        = {LTCS-Report},
  number      = {LTCS-99-07},
  address     = {Germany},
  note        = {See \url{}},
  abstract    = {Matching of concepts with variables (concept patterns) is a relatively new operation that has been introduced in the context of description logics, originally to help filter out unimportant aspects of large concepts appearing in industrial-strength knowledge bases. Previous work has concentrated on (sub-)languages of CLASSIC, which in particular do not allow for existential restrictions.  In this work, we present sound and complete decision algorithms for the solvability of matching problems and for computing sets of matchers for matching problems in description logics with existential restrictions.}