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Computing Least Common Subsumers in Description Logics with Existential Restrictions (BibTeX)

  author = {F.~Baader and R.~K{\"u}sters and R.~Molitor},
  title = {Computing Least Common Subsumers in Description Logics with 
Existential Restrictions},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the 16th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'99)},
  editor = {T.~Dean},
  publisher = {Morgan Kaufmann},
  year = 1999,
  pages = {96-101},
  abstract = {  Computing the least common subsumer (lcs) is an inference task that can be   used to support the "bottom-up" construction of knowledge bases for KR   systems based on description logics. Previous work on how to compute the lcs   has concentrated on description logics that allow for universal value   restrictions, but not for existential restrictions. The main new contribution   of this paper is the treatment of description logics with existential   restrictions. Our approach for computing the lcs is based on an appropriate   representation of concept descriptions by certain trees, and a   characterization of subsumption by homomorphisms between these trees. The lcs   operation then corresponds to the product operation on trees.}