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Unifying Equivalence-Based Definitions of Protocol Security (BibTeX)

  author      = {A.~Datta and R.~K{\"u}sters and J.~Mitchell and A.~Ramanathan and V.~Shmatikov},
  title       = {{Unifying Equivalence-Based Definitions of Protocol Security}},
  booktitle   = {2004 IFIP WG 1.7, ACM SIGPLAN and GI FoMSESS Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security (WITS 2004)},
  year        = 2004,
  abstract    = {Several related research efforts have led to three different ways of specifying protocol security properties by simulation or equivalence.  Abstracting the specification conditions away from the computational frameworks in which they have been previously applied, we show that when asynchronous communication is used, universal composability, black-box simulatability, and process equivalence express the same properties of a protocol.  Further, the equivalence between these conditions holds for any computational framework, such as process calculus, that satisfies certain structural properties.  Similar but slightly weaker results are achieved for synchronous communication.}