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A Constraint-Based Algorithm for Constract-Signing Protocols (BibTeX)

  author      = {Detlef K{\"a}hler and Ralf K{\"u}sters},
  title       = {{A Constraint-Based Algorithm for Constract-Signing Protocols}},
  institution = {Institut f{\"u}r Informatik, CAU Kiel, Germany},
  year        = 2005,
  number      = 0503,
  abstract    = {Research on the automatic analysis of cryptographic protocols has so far mainly concentrated on reachability properties, such as secrecy and authentication.  Only recently it was shown that certain game-theoretic security properties, such as balance for contract-signing protocols, are decidable in a Dolev-Yao style model with a bounded number of sessions but unbounded message size.  However, this result does not provide a practical algorithm as it merely bounds the size of attacks.  In this paper, we prove that game-theoretic security properties can be decided based on standard constraint solving procedures. This paves the way for extending existing implementations and tools for reachability properties to deal with game-theoretic security properties.}