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Logics in Security -- A Tutorial -- (BibTeX)

  author      = {Ralf K{\"u}sters},
  title       = {{Logics in Security -- A Tutorial --}},
  booktitle   = {Proceedings of the First ILCLI International Workshop on Logic and Philosophy of Knowledge, Communication, Action (LogKCA 2007)},
  pages       = {161--190},
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  editor      = {X.~Arrazola and J.~M.~Larrazabal},
  publisher   = {University of the Basque Country Press},
  abstract    = {Logic is omnipresent in the field of security. It is used both as a tool to rigorously specify security requirements of systems and security related tasks and as a tool to verify such requirements and uncover security flaws. In this tutorial, the application of logics, in particular temporal and epistemic logics, in security will be demonstrated by several examples, including authentication and key exchange, contract signing, and anonymous communication.}