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Tools and software developed by our group.

A tool for analyzing protocols with XOR. See R. Küsters and T. Truderung, Reducing Protocol Analysis with XOR to the XOR-free Case in the Horn Theory Based Approach, (CCS 2008).

A tool for analyzing protocols with Diffie-Hellman exponentiation. See R. Küsters and T. Truderung, Using ProVerif to Analyze Protocols with Diffie-Hellman Exponentiation (CSF 2009).

A tool for analyzing contract signing protocols (implemented by Thomas Schmidt). See D. Kähler, R. Küsters, and T. Wilke, Constraint Solving for Contract-Signing Protocols (TOCL 2010).

SPRESSO is a secure and privacy-respecting single sign-on system for the Web. D. Fett, R. Küsters, and G. Schmitz, SPRESSO: A Secure, Privacy-Respecting Single Sign-On System for the Web (CCS 2015).

sElect is a lightweight, practical, and verifiable remote voting system. R. Küsters, J. Müller, E. Scapin, and T. Truderung. sElect: A Lightweight Verifiable Remote Voting System (CSF 2016).